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What is in The Can

Crab Sizes Or Grades

There are so many different varieties of crabmeat product in cans – Jumbo Lump, Lump, Claw etc. I am confused which one to use for my recipe?

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Confusing it is! It all depends on the recipe of choice (specific crabmeat grades are usually mentioned in the standard recipes). But we might be able to give you some cursory pointers for our crabmeat grades:

Jumbo Lump – 100% whole pieces of unbroken Jumbo Lump Blue Swimming Pasteurized Crab Meat. Add the “wow factor” to any recipe. Our Jumbo Lump is made to be the star of your plate. Showcase the whole pieces on top of a filet with some hollandaise for a classic steak Oscar or break out those fancy martini glasses and make a beautiful crab cocktail. The key to this product is to make sure you don’t break the pieces.

Super Lump – Mix of broken Jumbo Lump pieces, flower pieces and chunky pieces of Blue Swimming Pasteurized Crab Meat. The perfect product for your premium crab recipe as it provides the largest pieces of crab except the whole pieces in our Jumbo Lump. We refer to our Super Lump as the “broken cashews” and our Jumbo Lump is the whole cashews. Use our Super Lump in any recipe where you not only want to taste the crab, you want your guests to see it. From showstopper crab cakes to seasonal crab salad, this is our Chef’s go to product.

Claw meat – Delicious darker meat of Blue Swimming Pasteurized Crab from the claws and legs with a layer of large whole pieces of leg meat on the top. The most economical and flavorful of all the crab grades. Our Chef refers to it as “the chicken thigh of the crab”. Our claw meat works best in richly flavored recipes such as gumbos, crab queso or even spicy crab ramen, where the pronounced crab flavor or our claw meat compliment yet still shine on its own.

These are only suggestions. Let your creative mind expand the culinary horizons of crabmeat recipes!

Crab Species

What kind of crab do you use?

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Our Jack'ss Catch Premium Line and Pacific Cove Line uses 100% Portunus Pelagicus, Blue swimming crab meat. The crabs are all sustainably wild caught and then steam cooked live to capture all of the delicious flavor. They are handpicked, using our triple screening process for shells and cartilage to ensure the highest quality most consistent product. The crab is hand packed and then pasteurized to produce a product that is as safe to eat as it is delicious.


What are the ingredients?

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The only ingredients are crab meat and sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP). A tiny amount of SAPP is added into the cans before sealing to prevent struvite that form as minerals like sodium, which have a tendency to crystallize when subjected to heating and cooling (pasteurization). United States Food and Drug (USFDA) recognize SAPP as a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) substance.

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